Merit Manufacturing

Based in Melbourne, Merit is a family owned company specialising in the manufacturing a range of different metal and steel components. We provide services to commercial clients from various industries all over Australia and South East Asia, with a strong commitment to high-quality standards across our entire range of services. Having been in the game for more than 30 years, the Merit team are true specialists in the areas of metal stamping, roll forming and the production of all metal components including locking rings. We have established ourselves as one of the premier press and consolidated metals specialists in the industry and take pride in delivering the best to our customers.

We Specialise in:

  • Automatic & manual metal pressing of high precision components
  • Manufacture of roll forming Locking Rings - D.G. & non D. G. Brands ranging from 10 litre through to 205 litre drums. Lever action & bolt type clamping systems
  • Design and manufacturing of production machinery for assembly purposes
  • Pipe re-lining Packers for underground patch repairs
  • Sheet metal engineering, spot welding, metal roll-forming & bending
  • CAD/CAM designing
  • Repetitious manufacturing of strip and sheet metal products
  • AS/NZ ISO 9001:2008 Quality Accreditation

About Us

Founded in by Michael George in 1983 and now owned and operated by Wade George. Merit Manufacturing prides itself on being a family owned and run company.

For over 30 years, Merit has been manufacturing and supplying a wide range of pressed metal and roll formed components and assemblies. These products are designed to suit a diverse range of industries and many applications.

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More About Us

Merit Consolidated Industries was founded way back in 1983 and has been growing and expanding ever since. While our list of services and specialities has changed, the founding principles on which the company was built have remained the same. The family business upholds a high standard of work and guarantees the quality of all products and components we supply. Being able to consistently deliver orders on time and according to the most specific of requirements is what has enabled Merit to become one of the most trusted names in Australia's consolidated metal industry.


The services offered by Merit are wide ranging and useful for companies and commercial enterprises operating in a range of different industries. Not only to we manufacture a variety of metal components and pieces or sizes and profiles, but we have the ability to produce them with closing different devices, grooves and finishes as per your requirements, making our service highly versatile. Our clients include companies from the following industries:

  • Mining
  • Automotive
  • Building and Construction
  • Engineering
  • Electrical appliance
  • Transport
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and gas
  • Medical

Our Service

We are a highly experienced Manufacturing company located in Melbourne Australia that has Markets throughout South East Asia and Australasia.