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Custom Metal Stamping for Heavy Industrial Projects 

A trusted name when it comes to custom metal stamping services, Merit Manufacturing has been producing industrial metal stamps for decades. We have delivered tailor-made components and parts to some of Australia’s biggest and most widely know companies and manufacturers and have the skills and equipment to complete large orders quickly and efficiently.

What we offer

Our Melbourne-based plant is fully equipped with a range of stamping machines, varying in size from 2-ton machines to 100-ton double crank presses. We are able to manufacture coil feeds that very up to 300 wide by 3mm thick by 300mm pitch, and the press tool used can be up to 1.8 metres long by 600mm wide.

Highly versatile when it comes to metal stamping, Merit’s team can rumble, plate, tap, projection weld and finish assembly components. We blank and press components using brass, Bakelite, beryllium, copper, Chantal, all kinds of steels & pre-plated strip materials. In other words, we carry all projects through from tool design to the finished part and there’s literally nothing we can’t manage.

Why choose Merit Manufacturing?

What sets us apart from other metal stamping companies in Melbourne is not our only commitment to quality on every job, but our willingness to constantly improve our metal stamping service over time. This has meant investing in new technology and training our team on new capabilities and the changing needs of our clients. It means staying one step ahead of the competition and delivering a high standard product every time.

Our machinery

Merit’s metal stamping and equipment are top notches, meaning we are able to fill any order with a shorter turnaround time. Our machinery includes:

Auto Presses

  • Feeding capacity 3MM thick x 350mm Stroke
  • 202a 15tn John Heine power press
  • 110ton Single crank SEYI Press
  • 110ton Double crank SEYI Press

Single Stamping

  • John Heine 25ton – 60ton power presses
  • 207a 80ton power press withdrawing buffer
  • Repetitious tapping & welding ability

Give us a call or submit a free quote form if you have further queries. Merit team never compromise with quality and customer satisfaction. 


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