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Sheet Metal Engineering

What is sheet metal engineering?

Sheet metal engineering or sheet metal fabrication, as it is often referred to, is the process of cutting, forming metal parts so they can be used in the formation of various products and components. The process involves taking raw materials, usually steel, copper or aluminum, and using a range of methods to shape and bend these parts into something useful. Cutting can be done in various ways; whether through the use of water cutting, laser cutting or plasma cutting. Conventional methods to form the metal parts after cutting including rolling, bending, CNC folding and welding to join pieces together. Additional parts may be added depending on the requirement, including bolts, latches and holes. Metal punching or turret punching allows us to make a hole in a metal sheet, which can either be used to streamline the component and make it more economical, or to act as an entry point for an additional part.
Sheet metal engineering is a process that is applied to just about every metal component you see around you. It is a crucial aspect of producing parts used in the manufacturing, medical, automotive and aerospace industries, among many others.
Sheet metal technology

Technology in this field has come a long way. In the old days, sheet metal engineering involved the shaping of components by hand, which was very taxing work. Today, some manual labour is still required for highly specialised parts, but sheet metal machinery can be set up by an experienced technician to handle bulk orders. On a day-to-day basis, a technician will be programming CNC folding machinery, manually arranging metal sheets to be processed, using welding equipment, and manually shaping components with basic bench tools if required.
Our service

In 2017 Merit bought Great Doherty Sheet-metal Products, an industry leader in sheet metal fabrication. With this acquisition Merit Manufacturing has evolved to provide a vast range of manufacturing and associated services.
We pride ourselves on maintaining top of the range equipment and ensure that our staff are fully trained in all machinery and processes in order to provide the extensive and reliable expertise that we are renowned for.
Complementing our in-house services, we are proud to collaborate with a number of local businesses in order to offer a range of ancillary services including plasma, laser & water-jet cutting and powder coating among other finishes. This combined offering and unrivalled access ensures our reputation as specialists in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). Merit Manufacturing is able to offer quality production, economical manufacturing and fast turnaround on orders to meet our customers’ needs.

Whilst predominantly working with up to 3mm thick material, we have the capacity to fold, punch and process thicker material as well. Our range of equipment is extensive, with an overview shown below:
5mm x 3Mtr for accurate cutting of sheet for further processing
2400 x 1200 perfect for clean cutting of high quality reflective and non-ferrous materials
Nishinbo HIQ-1250 Turret Punch Press
Amada Pega 244 Turret Punch Press
Low cost and added ability to use small blank sizes for improved economy of off-cuts. Full Sheet 30 tonne with forming capacity. This process has an advantage over laser cutting due to being able to form in cutting runs.
Press Brakes from 45T-100T & 1.5Mtr-3Mtr with capacity for simple plus multi-axis production
Wide range of Inserts available from insert nuts, stand-offs and threaded posts for economical fitting of attachments


Metal spinning
Injection moulding

If you have any queries related to our sheet metal service please Contact Merit Team and we are happy to reply you anytime soon. 

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