Locking Rings


Manufacturer of Locking Rings

High quality, tailor-made lock ring design is offered by Merit Manufacturing, Australia’s premier metal pressing and stamping specialist. Merit Manufacturing has been supplying the market with locking rings and drum closures for more than 30 years, servicing a range of commercial businesses across major industries.


These dynamic components have a long list of applications depending on the needs of our clients. Resealable and reusable, our locking rings, clamp bands and clamping rings are made from galvanised coated steel and come with a heavy or light duty clamping system. They are manufactured to the highest standard using our state-of-the-art closing ring technology.


Our manufacturing plant is able to supply up to 18,000 locking rings per day and is regularly developing new products to conform to our customers’ requirements ensuring we meet their quality, service and price needs. Merit supplies 10 litres through to 205-litre drums and we are experts when it comes to manufacturing either non-dangerous or dangerous goods’ locking rings as needed.


With the ability to supply literally thousands of different locking rings with variations to size, shape and profile, Merit is the number one choice for Australian engineers and manufacturers. We are able to manufacture locking rings complete with closing devices of your choosing, from internal/external levers and latches to lugs for nuts and bolts.

Our high workmanship and customization capabilities have enabled us to become a leading manufacturer of locking rings and drum closures in Australia and South East Asia. For a free quote on any of the products we are able to manufacture please contact us and one of our team will help you out.

  • U.N Packaging Approval
  • Tamper Proof
  • Re-sealable
  • Made to order
10lt Locking Ring
20lt Locking Ring
205lt Non DG Lever
205lt DG Bolt
205lt Non DG Bolt
582mm DG lever
10lt ring-1-min
205 Non-DG-Lever-2-min
205lt Non DG Bolt-2-min