Perforated Sheet Metal

At Merit Manufacturing we have the equipment, expertise and stock to produce your Perforated sheet metal in various patterns and in a variety of materials and thicknesses. Common perforated sheet metal shapes range from round, square, round end slot, and hexagonal. We are of course happy to discuss custom perforated screen designs to meet your requirements.

Our perforated screens and perforated sheet metal are made to our typical exacting standards and reflect our continued commitment to quality and lead times.

Our perforated metal screens have a variety of end uses ranging from decorative to functional components. Merit Manufacturing can compliment our Perforated sheet metal products with a range of other services including Sheet metal rolling, bending, pressing, welding and assembly. Only Merit Manufacturing can offer a complete solution for any sheet metal solution you require.
Our Perforated sheet metal products have a variety of end uses, including:


Architectural Perforated Sheet metal screening and fencing such as perforated sheet metal handrails, fencing, infill panels, sunshades, cladding, column covers, metal signage, site amenities, fencing screens, etc.

Construction uses of our perforated sheet metal include ceiling noise protection, acoustic panels, perforated sheet metal stair treads, pipe guards, ventilation grilles, sun protection slats, facades, sign boards, etc.

Food & beverage – Perforated sheet metal for beehive construction, grain dryers, wine vats, fish farming, silo ventilation, sorting machines, fruit and vegetable juice presses, cheese molds, baking trays, coffee screens, etc.

Chemical & energy – filters, centrifuges, drying machine baskets, battery separator plates, water screens, gas purifiers, liquid gas burning tubes, mine cages, coal washing, etc.

Material development – glass reinforcement, cement slurry screens, dyeing machines, textile printers and felt mills, cinder screens, blast furnace screens, etc.

Automotive component manufacturing comprises a vast number of end uses for Merit Manufacturings Perforated sheet metal products such as air filters, oil filters, silencer tubes, radiator grilles, running boards, flooring, motorcycle silencers, ventilation grids, tractor engine ventilation, sand ladders and mats, etc.